Where Should You Put Your Home Theater?

Having a home theater in the house is something many people want and desire. But knowing exactly where to put it can be a problem. If this is your concern, don’t worry. You learn about three places in your home that make excellent locations for a home theater.


Your den is perfect for your home theater because it’s quiet, comfortable and secluded from the rest of the house. If you plan to use a movie projector and screen for your theater, it’s the ideal location for placing dark curtains or black light-filtering blinds up on any windows in the room.

Most large retailers like Wal-Mart sell the blinds for under $7.00. This gives you the ultimate move theater look you want.


You may not like the idea of installing your theater in the attic, but it’s the next best place to do so. The attic already comes air-conditioned and insulated. This saves you money on your sound insulation costs.

You need to insulate the flooring and walls for the best audio sounds, and to prevent your speakers from producing echoes when you use them. Foundation without the proper insulation allows sounds to bounce off of it. It disrupts your movie experience.

Additional or Extended Room

If none of the above locations interest you, consider adding or extending a room for it. This may costs you more to do, but it’s a better way to enjoy your theater. Here’s why:

You design the room from scratch.
You can add a door for privacy.
You can add as many speakers in the walls as you want before you close them up.

Unless you have experience with home renovations, it’s probably best to hire a contractor to build the room for you. The contractor can help you choose the best location in your home for the renovations, such as closing off a section of your family room.

It also eliminates any errors with your electrical outlets, wiring, and other complicated problems. The last you want to do is damage your system with a power fluctuation or surge.

You can always choose any of the three options for your home theater installation. A home entertainment specialist or contractor can help you complete it.