About Katherine Gale

Hi, my name is Katherine. I recently tried to build a home theater with my husband. We wanted to spend more time together with the kids, and the theater seemed like the perfect idea. But building it wasn’t so perfect.

We decided to turn our family room into a theater. Nothing too large but enough to keep the kids entertained. It’s also the best location to entertain our friends on weekends.

My husband and I decided to shop online for our sound system, speakers, and audio equipment. We already owned a large HDTV. We were confident that it would work with whatever equipment we bought.

After checking out a few home theater sites, we ordered our equipment and waited for it to arrive.
It came a week later and we were excited to put everything together.

Once we took everything out of the boxes, we began assembling the system. But after hours of trying to get things organized, we realized that there was a problem with the wires and cables. None of the equipment fit with the television.

I was in tears. We didn’t plan this out right and now we had stuff we couldn’t use. My husband finally suggested we call a professional contractor. The contractor told us things we didn’t consider. He asked if we measured anything, or even insulated the walls. Of course, we did none of that. The contractor ended up installing the system for us, including buying another television.

In the end, we spent more money than we wanted to on the theater. But I did learn a few valuable things about how to plan before I buy. I discuss these things in my blogs. I hope that they help you avoid the same problems as we did with our theater.