Roofing Revolutions: Tips For Creating A Unique, Environmentally-Friendly Roof For Your Home

If your home needs a new roof and you want to do something that will set it apart, instead of the traditional shingle roofing materials, here are a few options that not only look great, but give back to the environment, too.

Dress Your Roof in White (Even After Labor Day)

If you want to create a barrier that reflects heat away from your house to cut your indoor climate control costs, talk to your roofing contractor about white roofing. By using roofing material that is painted bright white, the roof won’t absorb heat. Instead, you’ll have a cooler interior and may even save as much as twenty percent on your cooling costs throughout the summer months.

It’s Easy Being Green – For Your Roof, That Is

Green roofing is gaining in popularity in many areas. What sets these roofs apart is the living greens, such as grass or flowers, planted across the roof surface. They require professional support to set up, because you need to be sure that the roof has enough support to handle the added weight of the soil as well as the necessary drainage.

A living roof is a great way to create an environment for birds and other natural wildlife. Additionally, if you have a roof that you can easily access to harvest from the plants, you can create a garden with produce and herbs, all without sacrificing any of your square footage in the yard.

Where the Rubber Meets the Roof

Rubber is a long-lasting material that can be re-purposed into many things. Car tires, for example, can be broken down and turned into rubber shingles for roofing. The rubber material is lightweight, which is great for the structural stability of the house.

Rubber is durable. It holds up well against extreme weather, including hail, heavy rains and wind. It’s also a great insulator, so you may be able to reduce your heating and cooling costs by making use of it in your roof. Finally, one of the biggest advantages to turning car tires or other rubber material into shingles is the natural fire resistance properties they have.

When you want to give your home a whole new look with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making the environmentally-conscious choice, the options presented here are great alternatives. Talk to your roofing contractor about the best roofing option for your home based on the structure, stability and orientation of the house.

If you still have more questions or need help in other ways, contact a company like Darnell Construction & Lawncare with any questions or concerns you might have.

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