Two Tips For Correcting Common Water Heater Problems

Ample hot running water is a major convenience of the modern era, but water heaters come in a several styles. Sadly, many new homeowners do not realize the variety of problems a water heater can encounter over the years. Luckily, you do not need to call a repairman every time your water heater starts malfunctioning.

There are two tips you can follow that will correct a couple of the most common problems encountered by water heaters:

Check The Pilot Light

Many homes are equipped with gas water heaters, and while these units are typically very durable, it is not uncommon for the pilot light to go out. When this happens, the system will not be able to generate heat, and this will prevent it from providing you with hot water. Unfortunately, some people will call a water heater repair technician when this happens, and this is an unnecessary expense to pay.

The exact steps for restarting your pilot light will vary, but they often involve holding one button down while repeatedly pressing another. Your owner’s manual will have detailed steps on how to restart a pilot light, and this can help get your hot water flowing faster while saving you a repair bill.

Flush The Tank

Bacteria and sediment can start to accumulate in a water heater. When this happens, it can cause the water to look dirty, smell bad or both. Not surprisingly, this can be very alarming for many homeowners, but these issues can usually be corrected by flushing the tank. This will empty the tank of any impurities, and this should correct these problems.

To do this, you will need to shut off the gas supply to the water heater or flip the break if you own an electric system. The exact location of the drain valve will vary base on make and model of your unit, but you can find a detailed overview of your system in the owner’s manual. In addition to showing where the steps are, these manuals will contain steps for flushing the system.

Your home’s water heater will likely encounter many problems over the course of the years. By remembering these two tips, you will be able to correct some very common issues without needing to hire professional help. However, if these steps do not correct your problem, the underlying issue may be serious, and you may need professional help to repair the problem.

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