Tips For Buying Vinyl Windows

One of the best types of windows that can offer major savings on energy costs—as well as genuinely looking like another material such as wood—are vinyl windows. However, if you have ever considered or are currently considering installing these types of windows in your home, here are some useful tips to consider.


Before committing to purchasing specific vinyl windows, look for what’s called a “double lifetime warranty,” which completely covers performance issues with the product. These issues can include condensation between the window panes. One other thing to look for with the warranty is to see if it can be transferred to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home and move.


When shopping for or purchasing vinyl windows, consider going for the type of vinyl with additives that protect against such things as fading, yellowing, and brittleness. Ensure that the frame extrusions and sashes of the windows have not only welded corners, but also rigidity, strength, and insulation that come from internal air chambers.


When shopping for vinyl windows, from companies like Gilkey Windows, oftentimes you can find the window frames in different colors. Consider taking advantage of this variety by purchasing vinyl windows with the color of the frame being either the same as the exterior of your home or a color that matches the trim of your home.


One of the biggest issues with any kind of window is always making sure that it stays clean. The same applies for vinyl windows. When shopping for vinyl windows, be sure to check out the care instructions, as some of the types of vinyl windows may have different care instructions that apply to them.

One common way to clean vinyl windows is to use a cream wax cleaner and cloth, especially if you plan to clean the windows every day. For any stubborn spots, it’s recommended that you use any kind of non-abrasive cleaner, while you can use a tiny amount of scouring powder to get rid of any scratches that show up on the window.


As previously mentioned, vinyl windows can help save costs on energy bills. One useful tip to consider is to invest in a unit that is “Energy Star” qualified, which means that the window’s airtightness and efficiency have been verified independently by the National Fenestration Rating Council. You could also choose to invest in energy-saving vinyl windows such as those that have Gold Star Certification from the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association.

These are a select few of the useful tips to consider and make note of when it comes to finding the right vinyl windows for your home

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