4 Potential Dangers Of DIY Garage Door Repair

Not every home repair job is a DIY one. Unless you are a certified garage door professional, you should probably hire someone to fix your garage door. There are entire companies dedicated to fixing garage doors, and it’s because there’s a lot of technical expertise required. Without that expertise, there are potentially lethal dangers you face if you try to fix your garage door yourself.

1. The Door

The door is the largest part of the garage door mechanism and has many potential ways to cause harm. The door itself can fall on a person or pin someone. Specific parts of the door can also be dangerous. The spaces between door parts, known as “section joints,” have the potential to pinch fingers with great force. If the door has glass windows, there is a risk of them shattering and spreading broken glass. A jammed door can also contain a lot of potential energy, which can send the door flying or falling unexpectedly if you’re not careful.

2. Falling

In 2004, a man was killed while making repairs to a garage door at a shipping company. After he forced the emergency release for the door, attempting to fix a jam, the door sprang upwards and hit the guardrail of the scissors lift he was working from, toppling it and sending the man into a deadly fall. Even when working from home in a smaller garage, the dangers from falling are very real. Standing on a ladder to work on any part of the overhead mechanism puts you in danger of falling. Make sure to keep your body and tall equipment out of the way of overhead door tracks at all times.

3. Springs

Torsion springs used for garage doors carry an incredible amount of tension. When wound too tightly, these can detach themselves from their mechanism and become dangerous projectiles. Springs also lead to dangers from pinching. Without help from a garage door professional, it may be impossible to safely remove yourself when being pinched by a spring. 

4. Tracks

Tracks can likewise cause pinching or trapping of fingers or arms. The edges of tracks are sharp and can lead to lacerations.

Protect yourself and your children from the potential dangers of a DIY garage door repair by hiring a trained professional. The additional cost is well worth it, since it could save your life or save you a fortune in hospital bills.

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